So You’ve Lost Power – What Now?

If you’ve lived in Maine for at least one winter (or, even just for the past week), there’s a good chance you know what it’s like to lose power. It’s a total disruption in our lives. You wake up to see the oven clock blinking at 12:00. School is canceled and you have to keep the kids occupied, or maybe you usually work from home and now you have to find a coffee shop or library (that still has power of their own) to get things done. Sometimes, it’s just a simple annoyance like sleeping in because your alarm didn’t go off.

But beyond throwing off your whole routine, losing power can be dangerous. This week’s storm with near-hurricane force winds and the largest power outage in the history of Central Maine Power is a good reminder to prepare for the power outages that will likely come our way this winter. Here are our top tips for staying warm, safe, and entertained when the electricity goes out: Continue reading “So You’ve Lost Power – What Now?”