You’re Not the Only Resident on Your Property

Summer is fading, and our Pine Tree State is still teeming with wildlife. We have been flocking to the beaches, we are hitting the trails – anything to get outside and enjoy the beautiful nature Maine has to offer. Even your own backyard probably has a lot to offer. Maybe you have a patio for outdoor dining, or a garden with beautiful flowers or even vegetables. Having some green space is practically a given when you live in a Maine home, and there are many ways for us to enjoy it. It reminds us of the natural beauty that surrounds us, and that we are not the only ones to inhabit it.

Wildlife sightings in a backyard are a treat (as long as it’s not a bear trying to sneak into your trash!). Bees helps gardens flourish, butterflies bring lively colors, birds showcase elaborate feathers and avian drama, and squirrels and other forest rodents will certainly keep your dogs busy. Even bigger mammals like raccoons, foxes, and deer can be seen in neighborhoods not far from Portland. Read on for our best tips to create a backyard space that feels like home to your critter visitors:

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