How to Get Your Home Market Ready

Are you preparing to put your home on the market? As a seller, you want to create as much of an advantage as possible to get buyers interested – before you list your home for sale. Here at Lucas Real Estate, we know today’s market is a seller’s market, however it is important to have your home in top shape to make a great first impression, as todays buyers are more discerning than ever before. Therefore, maximizing the value of your home may require more preparations than you initially planned.


Many sellers have heard about the importance of staging their home for showings, with the most oft-given advice being to “clean, clean, clean.” While it is important to attractively stage your home (including deep cleaning, de-cluttering and removing personal items from display), there might also be issues beneath the surface that need attention.

Here are a few additional – though equally important – areas to consider:



Do you have any leaks in your home? Maybe an annoying recurring water stain on the ceiling that in the past you have just painted over? You should find the source of the leak and have it repaired to correct any unseen and/or potentially significant damage.


Are all of your lightbulbs in working order (including less frequently used areas like your garage and basement)? As buyers tour your home, they may test light switches in every room. Also assess your homes lighting and think about replacing any outdated fixtures with something more modern. There are many inexpensive options available to choose from that won’t break your budget.



In addition to making sure you have a good paint job on the outside of your home, interior walls and  trim are a few areas where paint may have begun to chip or peel – in that case some touch up painting is in order.


Has your lawn been moved and is the walkway to your front door clear and easily navigable? In the Fall, make sure to rake leaves and in Winter, make sure to remove any ice and snow from pathways outside your home.


When you’re cleaning your home for staging, you might not think to clean your windows, but clean windows can be incredibly important. While you’re at it, maybe you have a few foggy windows? This can be caused by a broken seal allowing moisture to get trapped between the panes. Have the glass in those windows replaced – clean and clear windows during showings make a great impression from both outside and inside your home.


While these additional fixes may sound overwhelming or costly, a great Realtor should be able to introduce you to vendors who can affordably and professionally complete the necessary work. At Lucas Real Estate, we are happy to draw on our 30 years of experience and serve as a resource for our clients by introducing them to local vendors who can get their homes market ready in a timely fashion. Small improvements up front will save you money in the long-run and give your home an edge over the competition.

Let’s get to work!